The Birth of the Wild Heart Kit addresses the primary developmental blueprint established in the first nine months of life in the womb, a template that influences all the cycles of manifestation throughout our life. What happens to us in the womb tends to shape who we are and how we live our lives. While the in-utero imprint is pre-verbal, it remains fully alive and active in our cellular memory, yet we are rarely conscious of how this fundamental patterning affects our ability to manifest our intentions and dreams.

With the ‘wild heart’ as a metaphor for our core essence, the essences support a gradual and complete process of blossoming — from conception (of an idea or a new way of being), through the process of gestation, to birthing ourselves in the world. The kit can also be used to support a healing process around the quiet pain of incomplete births such as miscarriages and abortions. Holistic practitioners have found the essences very effective during rebirthing and soul-retrieval processes.

A link to the PDF of the booklet accompanying the Birth of the Wild Heart kit is listed below in the BWH kit box.