On the cusp of 2000, I meditated upon what was needed as we entered this new century. I heard three words: Articulation, Light Body, and Relationship. These words inspired the Living Creatively kit which, in retrospect, accurately highlights key elements required for thriving in dramatically changing times.

Articulation challenges us to not just speak our truth but to fully live it, while Light Body stimulates an inner quickening. I call this the ‘glow-bug’ essence, an antidote to giving away our power to others. Relationship stresses the importance of developing a conscious communion with the earth along with respect for our fellow human beings.

Used in combination with meditative questions, these powerful essences help us remember simple natural ways to coordinate with the energies emerging within and around us. The kit helps us realign with Source, nurture what is emerging, and restore our precious earth. To view a short slideshow outlining the premise for the kit, Click Here.

To read the booklet for the kit, click on the Living Creatively Kit box below.