Though I offer a range of intuitive consultations, A Moment with your Inner Gold is the first one I recommend, and it is free. During this session we will discern whether my approach, products and services, resonates with your current needs. This experience includes a ‘tour’ of the nature-library in the online store, a resource that you can access at any time as a divinatory resource for nature-based wisdom.

The core of my work is done through hour-long Intuitive Consultations, an approach developed through many hours of deep listening to nature. Close observation of the blossoming process with plants developed my ability to perceive and articulate the same creative impulse at work in human beings!

For clients already familiar with my work, Refining your Inner Gold is an effective way to update where you are, where you’re going, and the wisdom you need now.

To assist people in selecting what they need from the 350 essences in the Raven Essence repertoire, I offer a specific Flower Essence Selection Consultation. Other consultations are for designed to create complex personal combinations for specific intentions: Birthdays, Soul-Path support, Emergency Trauma Solutions (inspired by and more specifically personal than Bach’s Rescue Remedy.)